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The Witcher 3 interview, Ryan interviews a developer of The Witcher 3, the wild hunt, and gives us some information about the game.

Part One

Ryan: Some of you know John Mamais from CD Project Red. How are you going?

John Mamais: Doing great man. It’s great being here.

Ryan: And we just saw the summary of the Witcher 3, and I can’t belive…I can’t.. there are some things in that game where you are just..aww.. alright.. so we’ll start..we’ll start with the open world. We were shown that the size of it is so big. We went from one point in the map to another point. It wasn’t even like the extreme north and south, and it was still saying that it would like take 20 minutes at a full gallop. So can you just talk about like a bit of the game world in terms of like the size of what kinds of environments we go to and also and also like the level of detail?

John Mamais: Oh, well it’s all over the detail on the demo so everything is really, really high in detail in the game. doing the ..making it work in such a big, sorta grand scale is really S**t load of work, excuse my ah..French. Um, in terms of the game regions there is a three main regions of the game, there is one called skelega, and it is kind of based on Nordic mythology and geography looks like a norwegian fiords and things like that. And we showed a bit of that a few years ago. In fact, so a lot of people seen what skelega looks like, it is very rocky and mountainus and so forth. And there’s this area called No Man’s Land and it’s a really kind of barren and desolate, but there’s been lots of destruction there. Because like the Nifguardian army has gone through there, so there has been a lot of villages that have been burned and so forth..and um..It is kind of riddled with lots of monsters and stuff. Lots of monster hunting is gonna happen there. And then ahh..there is this big city and the surrounding areas of the big city are called Novigrade. Novigrade’s kind of ..we kind of looked at what Amsterdam would have been like in the Middle Ages and that’s kind of the idea for Novigrade. It is the big three port city in the Northern Kingdoms of the universe. So it is a massive city and that city itself has sort of four huge districts that you quest in as well. So umm…there’s the three sort of main areas of the game. Then there’s other areas in the game that we haven’t talked about yet, which we will explore and discover. And then there is underwater sections in the game you will explore and discover and yeah.. it’s all connected and you go in where you want to at any time.

Ryan: So the combate in the game I belive it has been overhauled and now it’s like really fluid and you also have like a few like different powers and stuff, and things you can not only just use but you can combine with other environmental like…effects if you will.

John Mamais: Yeah, like in the demo there is like this gas cloud and swamps that you can actually use your ignesighnut and blow up. There is gonna be lots of this kind of environmental things in the world that you can interact with using your powers that can do some damage. You’ve got a like a multistaged destruction system as well in the game, that we didn’t show off. It’s.. ah.. a physics system so you can like.. ah take some..burn some part of the roof of a house, and the roof will basically fall down and like damage somebody on the inside. So it’s not really common to see that in such a big RPGs so we are really proud of that system as well. And um.. combat is umm.. we really focused on making it much more fluid adding tons more animations because next gen you know systems can allow us to add much more animation data . So everything looks a lot more fluid and it’s a lot more intuitive and it’s a lot more tactical as well. ah.. we filled a lot more of defensives like parry systems. So like when you parry someything theres always a counter attack or parry you can trigger. Science have multiple functions and they’re developable, if that is a word. Ah.. of course the focus for combat is uh.. on sword play. Cause witches are sort of sword masters. So there’s just you know tonnes of I dont know hundred or thousands of anime. And it’s just built around sword play.

Ryan: Awesome. I want to talk a little bit about the quest because not only are there choices when the quests that really effect like, you know what happened in the story. But also what happens in intersections… intersecting quests.

John: Yeah. I showed something something the other day on stage that something the monster hunt quests and you are on a monster hunt but it’s a bit open world of random encounters and there are points of interest so. The paths of hunting down monsters can always intersect with something that is happening in the game and the natural ecosystem. Then there’s like huts with characters in them. There’s all kind of stuff you can just run into, if you do and you interact with it in the right way, it may unlock a different quest. And the whole game is intricately branched and so forth. And so it’s gonna be a really interesting for people to play. And it’s kinda gonna feel emergent in a way, I think.

Ryan: Yeah. It will be very interesting. It’s such a shame I have to wait till Febuary to play it but um..thanks for talking to us.

John: thank you.

Ryan: can you tell us, what platforms will be out in the release or do you have your exact release date yet?

John: yeah, it’s February 25th, or 24th, 25th I think> it’s gonna be on PC, it’s gonna be on ps4 and its gonna be on Xbox one

Ryan: Thank you

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