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Here we have our top 10 Things Seen at E3

Part One


At number ten is the Batmobile, created by West Coast Customs this mechanised monster is Batman’s new ride in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ with bulletproof armour, rocket boosters and a tank cannon this will fly any hero like a bat out of hell.

At number nine is the Playstation Mural. Over the three days of E3 painters work tirelessly to create this mural featuring iconic Playstation characters such as the Hellghast, Aden Peers from ‘Watchdogs’ and Delsome Rove from ‘Infamous: Second Son’.

At number eight is this excited E3 intendee. Sometime when we’re filming we can’t predict what we’re going to find. This guy was so excited about E3 and Nintendo he just had to tell us.

Nintendo!! Whoo yeah!! E3 2014 baby let’s do it. Let’s do it!! Let’s do it!! It’s marvel baby let’s go!!

At number seven in ‘Assassins Creed: Unity’ take a leap of faith into the French Revolution in the latest instalment in the Assassins series. With more weapons, more history and a campaign based co-op mode this is on my must buy list.

At number six is this lady with an X-Box fascinator. This visitor to E3 is a true fan to all things X-Box. If you’re look for inspiration for your next Melbourne cup outfit then look no further than the controller on your coffee table.

Do you like my X-Box live shirt?

Yeah.. Ahh… Cool.. So you got the whole outfit coordinated for you?


I love that bit of nerd fashion going there.. That’s really cool.

At number five is the ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. The Witcher series has gotten better and better every time and Wild Hunt doesn’t disappoint with it’s massive open world and mature not linear story you’ll spend hundreds of hour roaming all over the northern kingdoms.

At number four is Rainbow Six: Siege, this is the first time I’ve gotten excited about a Rainbow six game. It feels like the spiritual sequel to original Counter Strike. This is a game I’ll be adding to my collection.

At number three is the entire Ubisoft Booth. Ubisoft have single handedly written my shopping list of games. Showing off Rainbow Six: Siege, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed: Unity and Tom Clancy’s; The Division.

At number two is ‘Eve: Valkyrie’ and the brand new version of the oculars rift. Valkyrie is seriously addictive with it’s animadversion gameplay and fantastic graphics running at 1080p on the oculars rift.

And the number one thing we saw at E3 is the ‘Tetris Dance’ this is something we discovered while walking past the Ubisoft booth. Yes you to can dance like an 8-bit block in ‘Just Dance 2015’

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