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Here we have our top 10 Replayable games

Part One


Welcom back guys, have you ever played a game and as soon as you finish the credits you’ve hit the start a new game button and started playing it all the way through again? If you haven’t found a game like that an you’re kind of curious to what people are talking about, this next list is for you. It’s called top 10 replayable games and it’s full of games that you absolutely have to play more than once.

At number 10 there is the Binding of Isaac with levels and boss fights that change each time you start a new game the Binding of Isaac is a great game to play in short bursts or extended periods.

At number 9 is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Deus Ex series has always given players the ability to choose how to handle the situation, be that with stealth, brute force or a mix of the two Adam Jensen can be customized to handle any situation.

At number 8 is the Secret of Monkey Island, this game is a point and click adventure like no other. The game focuses mainly on exploration. It allows the player to persue there quest to become a pirate without the possibility of dying, with so many things to do and people to meet you’ve got to play this more than once.

At number 7 is Borderlands 2, no matter how you like to play, first person shooters Borderlands 2 can cater to your playing style. Be that sneaking around with a sniper rifle or introducing yourself with the buissiness end of a shotgun. Character customisation is a lot deeper then its predecessor allowing you to change how a charactor plays as often as you reload your gun.

At number 6 is Dragon Age: Origins. The interesting thing about Dragon Age: Origins is the stories, similar to Skyrim the play has the ability to choose the race of there charactor. But the difference with Dragon Age is that whatever race you choose has its own origin story, giving the game a unique narrative and adding way more replay value.

At number 5 is the Sims, much like Sim City, the Sims is a game where you create your own story, be that a romantic comedy or a reality show. Perhaps a recreation of your own life or an interactive sitcom. The Sims provide the tools and you create your own adventure.

At number 4 is Skyrim, it’s impossible to do every quest and meet every person in just one playthrough of Skyrim. As there is so many choices to make that change the game completely and permently, the game also includes a very detailed character customiser where you can choose your hair, features and even your race.

At number 3 is Fallout 3, like most RPG’s the character the charactor gets the ability to choose how there character looks. Although Fallout did this slightly different, in addition to this you also get to choose your characters attributes as well, as the story progresses the player makes the decisions themsleves, change the outcome of the game leading to multiple endings.

At number 2 is Mass Effect 2, in this action RPG the player takes on the role of Commander Sheppard for the second time. The game takes the players decisions from the first game and uses them to create events and narratives based on that, making every players experience very unique.

And the number 1 replayable game is Heavy Rain, you can play Heavy Rain a number of different ways and get a different ending each time. Depending on who lives and who dies in a group of people you control, the story can change dramaticlly, making for a game that can be played over and over again.

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