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Here we have our top 10 Mods

Part One


Welcome back guys. Have you ever been playing a game and had a hell of a lot of fun with it, but just thought it could be a little bit better? Maybe with a little bit of a teak here or there? Then this list is for you. This is called Top 10 Mods and these are mods that you can download, most of them for free, and apply them to your game and see how they go. Check it out.

At number 10 is the multi player mod for Just Cause 2. The map in Just Cause 2 is massive. With a huge verity of things to see and do why wouldn’t you want to share it with your friends? A group of modders thought just that and added multi player to a game built purely single player.

At number 9 is the Batman and Bat Mobile mods for GTA 4. Over the years Grand Theft Auto has seen its share of game changing and hilarious mods. Take on the depravity of Liberty City as Gotham City’s caped defender.

At number 8 is the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2. Have you ever wanted to rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros? Ever wondered what would happen if the Iron Islands took the Iron Throne instead of the Targaryens. The Game of Thrones mod transforms Crusader Kings 2 into a medieval sim that allows you to answer these questions.

At number 7 is Goldeneye Source for Half Life 2. The old Nintendo 64 classic has been reborn in the source engine. It’s the complete multi player experience of Goldeneye with updated graphics and physics.

At number 6 is Moonpath to Elsweyr for Skyrim. This is less of a mod and more of an expansion of Skyrim. Moonpath to Elsweyr tells the story of the Khajiit and their revolt against the Thalmor. It’s fully voice acted and includes new enemies to fight and the entirety of Elsweyr to explore. Highly recommended for those looking for a new challenge after completing Skyrim.

At number 5 is Prop Hunt for Garry’s Mod. Prop Hunt is a unique take on hide and seek. As the Prop, you run about the map looking for a place to hide. However, instead of hiding under something, you become that thing, and then you have to blend in and hope you’re not found. As the Hunter, you have to look for objects that seem out of place, and shoot at them hoping its a player.

At number 4 is Black Mesa for Half Life Two. Black Mesa is a port for Half Life 1 into the source engine that runs Half Life 2. If you were looking to try Half Life 1, this is the best way to play it. It is also now available as a stand alone product available on Steam.

At number 3 is Defence of the Ancients for Warcraft 3. This is the mod that started the genre. Built from Warcraft 3 heroes and a map from Starcraft, Defence of the Ancients is undoubtedly one of the most popular mods available. So popular, in fact, it even has a song written about it.

At number 2 is Counter Strike for Half Life. The core of the game is simple. As a terrorist you have to deliver a bomb to a location and detonate it and It’s the counter terrorists’ job to stop you. Counter Strike is a stable game on steam, and since the original mod was released over 10 years ago, has seen two full games created based on the mod.

And the number 1 mod is Day Z for Armour 2. The Armour franchise had been waning for some time. The Day Z mod not only brought an entire company back from the brink, it also defined the hardcore survival genre. The Armour developers have since hired the Day Z modders and they are now working on a stand alone version.

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