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Here we have our top 10 Hyped Games

Part One


Welcome back guys. Have you ever seen a game so awesome you just had to have it? And the wait has just been really, really excruciating? Then this list is one you’ll want to check out. It’s called ‘Top 10 Hyped Games’, and it’s all about games you’ve always wanted to play, but either had to wait a long time for, or you’re still waiting for. Check it out!

At number 10 is Skyrim. The fifth instalment in The Elder Scrolls series, the previous game in the series, ‘Oblivion’,was released in 2006; 5 years before. Skyrim received a lot of hype for it’s new and improved combat system as well as an upgraded character creation menu and huge map for players to explore.

At number 9 is Watch Dogs. Making it’s debut at E3 2013 it was one of the first games announced for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Watch Dogs has won several people’s choice awards and fans were disappointed when it was pushed back from being a lunch title.

At number 8 is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Black Ops had a lot of hype because of the redefined multi-player. People were talking about this game and how they thought it was going to be a long time before it was released. Fans were also excited to see the return of zombie mode with updated maps, weapons, and its own story line separate to the main game.

At number 7 is Pokemon X and Y. Changing the series’ traditional top town view and making them a third person game was a bold move from Nintendo. Fans seem to love it though as Pokemon X and Y has become the most pre-ordered Nintendo game in Japan. It was also the first Nintendo game to be simultaneously released all around the world.

At number 6 is Duke Nukem Forever. This First Person Shooter was released after 12 years of development. Duke Nukem Forever didn’t live up to the hype it had received. Being an extremely popular old game series many long time fans announced their disappointment with the clunky controls, outdated graphics and offensive humour.

At number 5 is Mass Effect 3. In this conclusion to the trilogy players raped up and completed the Captain Shepherd story line. Despite its controversial ending Mass Effect 3 has grossed over $200,000,000, and received multiple awards from best RPG to game of the year for 2012.

At number is 4 is Metal Gear Solid 2. Konami’s action adventure stealth game was the fourth Metal Gear Solid game directed by Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear Solid 2 was still winning awards such as the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ ‘outstanding achievement in sound design’.

At number 3 is Fallout 4. Late last year it seemed a lot like Fallout 4 was being hinted through an ARG called Survivor 2299. However, despite rated as Imparticular losing their minds, it turned out to be a fake meaning fans will have to make do with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, while riding the Hype train.

At number 2 is Halo 3. The epic conclusion to the Halo trilogy. Halo 3 was the highest sold game on the Xbox 360 for 2007. Pre-Orders surpassed the $4 Million mark and first day of sales exceeded over $170 Million. People couldn’t get enough of Master Chief which explains why Microsoft decided to make Halo 4.

And the Number 1 Hyped game is Half Life 3. Also known as Half Life: Episode 3. Clearly fans are Hyped. There are Hundreds of blogs full of speculation about what this game is going to be like as well as art depicting scenes and cover art for the game. I hope Valve ends fans’ suffering soon, and at least announces that the game is development.

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