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Here we have our top 10 Guilty Pleasure Games

Part One


Welcome back from the break guys, you ever have that game on your shelf, and you think its awesome but your just too ashamed to show it to your friends because your worried of what they might think, this next list is exactly for you. Its called Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Games, check it out.

At number 10 it The Thing, the game is a sequel to the movie, you are captain J. F. Blake of Beta team sent there several days after the events in the original movie. The main features of this game are the inclusion of a fear and rust system where you need to gain the npc’s trust before they’ll follow you off Mars.

At number 9 its Dark Void. Dark void brings the player high action flying and gun fighting as you race through the sky shooting aliens and hijacking UFO’s. While garnering mixed reviews from critics and players there’s no denying this game is a guilty pleasure, grabbing elements from other games like Crimson Skies and Gears of War combining them to give the game its own unique feel.

At number 8 its Too Human if you wanted to see a scifi Viking game here it is, Too Human takes two seemingly different genres and combines them to create an enjoyable game full of hardcore slicing and dicing. The combat in the game really is a guilty pleasure who could say no to slashing up a bunch of nor cyborgs.

At number 7 it Pursuit Force, it was one of those games that had a cool concept and drove it into the ground being able to jump from car to car while taking down bad guys and using their own cars as cover is cool. But after a while it becomes repetitive and predictable its good for short trips like train rides or waiting at a bus stop.

At number 6 its Battlefield Bad Company 2, war games are nothing new but bad company 2 was one of the best war shooters I’ve ever played. It never gets old to hop into a tank and do a drive by, on the enemy raining chaos down from your attack choppers and playing with friends makes it all the more fun destroying a building and watching it tumble down never gets old.

At number 5 its Dynasty Warriors Gundam. A spin off of the original Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors Gundam gives the player similar elements from the original series, apart from all the robots and mecha suits. The game still offers those hack and slash elements while changing the environment, characters and abilities. You just cant help but feel satisfied after turning a whole armada of robots into scrap metal.

At number 4 is Turok Evolution, this game isn’t picked for the single player aspect but for the split screen multiplayer, bring your friends over for a few of rounds of this game and you wont be disappointed. With a great range of weaponry and maps from using explosive arrows to blow them up or using the tech bow to get those headshots. It’s always fun to watch your friends head explode to blow off some steam.

At number 3 its Kingdom Hearts, loved by many, hated by some this is a game where you want to show your friends how awesome it is but hold back to not be seen as a kid. Throughout kingdom hearts the game shows Disney and Square Enix with the storyline about friendship and the power of light and your main weapon being a giant key.

At number 2 is The Outfit while being outcasted by many gamers its a guilty pleasure I keep under the rug. Playing as an arcade 3rd person shooter and using strategy elements this game is just play and stop fun. Dropping down mounted machine guns anywhere on the battlefield to use made this game worth while for quick gaming bursts.

And the number 1 guilty pleasure game is… Kula World. Its an old puzzle game for the PlayStation 1 involving a bouncy ball and floating platforms. I, myself, loved this game for its puzzle aspects but to show this to anyone else and you might have a hard time trying to get them to like it.

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