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Here we have our top 10 Game Soundtracks

Part One


Welcome back from the break guys. Every time you think of a fantastic video game and you just remember how good it was, every single one of them always had a great soundtrack. This is our collection of our top ten favourite soundtracks from video games. Stay tuned.

At number ten is the Elder Scrolls ‘Skyrim’. Skyrim has a soundtrack to expand it’s massive world to no end. Wherever you go there’s always an amazing score to listen to.

At number nine is ‘The Last of Us’. The Last of Us really nails it with it’s touching music making you feel the emotions in the environment adding to the drama.

At number eight is ‘Halo 3’ a memorable soundtrack for one of the best games on the X-Box 360, from the title screen and shooting up the covenant to the final hours the orchestral score really sets the mood.

At number seven is ‘Bastion’ with a beautiful soundtrack that just matches up with the game. Bastion is one of those games that you can just sit and listen to.

At number six is ‘Faster Than Light’ although nothing can be heard in space this soundtrack is sure to echo through your ship when you travel across space.

At number five is ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’ a game with the most beloved characters of the Disney and Squarenix franchises how can it not have an amazing score. It’s one to remember and still great to listen to.

At number four ‘Hotline Miami’ here to set the eighties music mood is the fast paced aggravating Hotline Miami. The music matches the mindless yet strategic violence that takes place throughout the game.

At number three is ‘Journey’ an exclusive to the Playstation 3, Journey combines it’s musical score and gameplay. Your character doesn’t speak but instead shouts musical notes which keep in time with the background music.

At number two is ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ even after all this time Ocarina of Time has one of the best gaming soundtracks there is. The feeling of terror and uplifting music will put a smile on any gamer.

And the number one game soundtrack is ‘Final Fantasy X’ this is one of the most popular Final Fantasy games to date and it’s soundtrack is set the standard that all eight of Final Fantasy games have had to hold themselves to.

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