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Here we have our top 10 Dragons

Part One

Welcome back guys. If you’re a huge fan of giant fire breathing lizards this next top ten is for you, It’s dragons. Stay tuned.

At number ten is Onaga from ‘Mortal Combat’ the long dead ruler from the out world is back and he wants his throne. Using his incredible strength and knocking down all who oppose him Onaga is one seriously hard fight. Onaga’s power has been rivalled to that of the one being a legendary creature who once fought the elder gods.

At number nine is Deathwing. From ‘World of Warcraft’, huge and powerful, Deathwing has the power to destroy landscapes with one flyby setting everything on fire changing the world of Azeroth permanently.

At number eight is Volvagia from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ the keeper of the fire temple Volvagia though not being particularly hard still served as a memorable fight on your journey.

At number seven is the Archdemon from ‘Dragon Age’ the old gods in dragon from and tainted with evil that can’t be good. Able to control the Darkspawn horde combined with these powerful claws a dragon breath he is one tough lizard.

At number six is the Ender Dragon from ‘Minecraft’. The blocky dragon of this list, the Ender Dragon flies around in his own world never landing and destroying anything he flies through. The Ender Dragon is able to heal from floating crystals on pillars making him really annoying to get rid of.

At number five is Alduin from ‘Skyrim’ the eater of worlds and the power to bring back dragons from the dead Alduin has some incredible power. The only way to defeat him is to enter the afterlife for the final fight.

At number four is Ridley from the ‘Metroid’ series. A space pirate with wings and can breathe fire, that’s some kind of terror only a powered up mercenary suit can take down.

At number three is Charizard from the ‘Pokemon’ series. This Pokemon is one you don’t mess with, it spits fire that’s hot enough to melt boulders and is known to cause forest fires unintentionally.

At number two is Bahamut from the ‘Final Fantasy’ series. Bahamut changes from game to game but one this is for sure he is fearsome. One of the more prominent summons is the Final Fantasy games, this dragon king will lay waste to all who oppose you with mega flair.

And the number one dragon is Spyro. Spyro is one of the most well known dragons in gaming. His purple scales and childish charm makes him a dragon not to mess with. Using elemental powers and his large horns to crumple his enemies.

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