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Here we have our top 10 Collectables

Part One


Welcome back from the break, everyone. If you’re an achievement hunter and you’re looking for that game where you can collect everything and then get the achievement and then this next list is for you, it’s our collection of top 10 collectables.

At number ten are the silver keys from Fable. With the silver keys in your possession you can use them to open silver chest which contain some of the most valuable items in the game. Finding keys may require you to fish them out the water or break out your trusty shovel and dig them out of the ground.

At number nine are the rockstar barrels from Midnight Club L.A. If you ever get tires of racing, smashing some rockstar barrels are a great way to let off some steam. After every ten barrels that are found a new cheat is unlocked. Cheats like unlimited nitrous or getting the police of your tail.

At number eight are the triple triad cards from Final Fantasy Eight. If you want to take break from the campaign then why not sit down and play a game of triple triad? All through the game there are cards to collect and add to your own deck which you can then use to challenge others for even rarer cards.

At number seven are the hidden packages form Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. These hidden packages have been an iconic part of the GTA series giving the player rewards for every 10 packages collected with rewards ranging from body armour to a helicopter armed to the teeth.

At number six are the audio diaries from BioShock. These audio diaries allowed the player to look at an in depth back story of Rapture. By adding the second narrative the player can get a better understanding of the many civilians of Rapture, their lives and their problems.

At number five are the agility orbs from Crackdown. Scattered all throughout the city are agility orbs. These orbs steadily increase the player’s agility after every orb that is collect until you have the ability to run like a bullet and jump like the Incredible Hulk.

At number four are the shanties form Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Sailing the high seas can be quiet endeavour. When the silence is deafening let loose with some old pirate shanties. As Edward collects each shanty, his pirate crew learns a new song to sing when sailing the seven seas.

At number three are the Riddler Trophies from Batman: Arkham City. The Riddler Trophies are a set of challenged that not only gave you trophies, but more experience points to level up the Dark knight.

At number two are the Daedric Artefacts from Skyrim. Collecting Daedric Artefacts is a game in unto themselves adding in a collection of eerie quests to get enchanted weapons and apparel, all of which are unique in their own demonic way.

And the number one collectable is the skulls from Halo 3. This iconic collectable is well known for adding challenging and fun twists to the campaign. The skulls require players knowledge of Halo 3 and its mechanics making them think outside the box.

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