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Part One

I’m really one to get swept up in the hype train of any game, I’ve never pre-ordered anything and I have never lined up at midnight to get a game or a console. Which makes it so odd that I got caught up in the build up to Titanfall. I haven’t even been interested in competitive shooters lately, yet Titanfall is the most fun I’ve had on my Xbox one today, this is usually the where I explain the story in my review, Titanfall actually has a multiplayer story campaign but it doesn’t have a single player element you start out in either one of two factions in a multilayer lobby with the objective of winning that match, you’d be dropped into one of a limited pool of game modes including attrition which is similar to team death match and hardpoint domination, oddly you progress to the next mission if you win or lose so the campaign for a single faction is always nine matches long no matter how good or bad at the game you are. you may have noticed I haven’t said anything about the actual story yet, this is because I had no clue what was happening at any point in the campaign the only story you get is audio messages while in the lobby or in small cut scenes just before each match and right at the end.

This would be a deal breaker in most games but Titanfall is primarily a competitive multiplayer game so it doesn’t diminish its quality too much, just keep it in mind if you planning on buying it and hoping for a sprawling narrative. Apart from the giant robots the multiplayer has a pretty familiar feel to it, you choose loadouts to bring into battle selecting what main weapons, side weapons, anti titan weapons and other special abilities, there are also different loadouts for the titans as you can choose different chassis and weapon abilities for them too. Weirdly two out of the three chassis are locked away from multiplayer until you complete the campaign meaning if no-one is playing the story there wont be any way for you to unlock them as you need a full party and an opposing team to start a match.

The main hook of the game is undoubtedly the titans at the start of the match you usually have around three minutes before you can call for a Titanfall wait time can be killing enemy AI players called grunts inspectors and even more so by defeating human opponents otherwise known as pilots, once its ready you can call down your giant mech companion Respawn have done a great job making you feel like a complete badass when your piloting your titan without them being to overpowered in battle this is mostly to the parts being incredibly mobile and being equipped with heavy duty anti titan weaponry, there isn’t much more satisfying than rodeoing on the back on an enemy and shooting up its insides for massive damage. In fact no matter whether your piloting your mech or running around on foot the weapons all vary greatly and function differently meaning there’s going to be equipment to fit any play style, there’s also a bunch of challenges linked to each main weapon and titan weapon which unlock add-ons to even further customise your load-outs for someone like me who loves trying to unlock everything this is a great way to keep you playing however they could have added a few more scopes and other upgrades to the weapons.

The maps in Titanfall may not be what you’re used to, thanks to the free-running system all maps have factored in that you can now wall run wall jump or use the boost from your jet-pack to get into higher spots in the map. This means that you not only have to look left and right around corners for enemies but also on rooftops under grates in the ground or many of the windows in buildings this verticality is a great addition to the genre and serves to keep the gameplay fresh. A really cool addition to the game is that after a match is complete the losing team get a chance to escape the map and gain some more experience as soon as the defeat screen is displayed there will be a random point on the map where a drop ship will appear and take anyone on board to safety, the opposing team can still kill you on your way to the ship and also destroy the ship if they have enough fire power so it makes it tense struggle to gain a little extra experience at the end of the match and gives the losing team something to fight for. I had a lot of expectations for Titanfall, being in a position to play early definitely made it have a lot to live up to although the single player isn’t very well realised I still think the multiplayer alone makes up for it and then some. So stay away if your looking for some kind of meaningful story.

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