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Super Time


Part One

Super time force is a side scroller shooter for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. They may make you reminisce on old school side scrollers however this game uses death as its primary mechanic. the active dying can be key to completing levels on super time force as using your time travelling powers lets you rewind time and levels and try again. finding your previous self will be playing along with you.

In super time force you play as a team of time travellers trying to better the world by messing with historic events, though your time travels you travel to seven different time periods ranging from medieval to prehistoric or even the future, each pre-mission briefing has humorous reason for going there like the prehistoric mission that tasks you for defeating the meteor that will kill all life on earth because as Colonel Rapeatski tells you “It would be cool if dinosaurs were integrated into human society”. As you can tell the game isn’t very serious and is usually pretty funny, sometimes the jokes come off a bit too mature, those moments are very few and far between.

We start with three characters in super time force; Jean Rambois, Amy Mckillin and Shieldy Blockerson but you can unlock a whole bunch more each with their own regular attack and charge attack I said before this isn’t your average side scrolling shooter because timing out, is what the game calls death lets you rewind your game as far back as you like and try again. Using this will allow you to strategically mow down enemies, whittle away heath from the bosses and reach deeper areas in the levels using the ghosts of your previous play through. You can also mess with time itself. In particular an enemy kills you during one of your lives on the next life you can save that character to absorb his special attack letting you grow more powerful.

With so many characters on screen you can expect there is going to be a lot going on in any moment with up to 30 of your previous lives being played out at once you can become a little overwhelmed at times particularly when battling boss characters it makes the game again easier with the more times you die. The chaos you inflict on the world around you really fits with the overall story of the game though and although at times you might not know what’s happening you can rest assure that at least it will look cool.

The games is a very lifelike graphics, Stalin soundtrack to match which has become a stereotype of a lot of smaller games lately. Thankfully both are done really well on super time force with everything from the environments, to the characters, to the animations looking unified in excellent. The sound track is suitably chastened and enjoyable even when its out of place like when you complete a level and the game shows you all your lives playing out at once.

Super time force is a hectic yet enjoyable game to play you may have seen or heard of games similar to it but I doubt you have played anything like it.

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