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Battlecry Interview: In this interview Ryan talks with the director of Battlecry and gives us an insight to how they went about the development of the game.


Part One

So here I am on the expo floor. I’m right in front of the Battlecry booth from Bethesda. I’m really excited to try it because it kind of has like a kind of, you know, Team Fortress 2 vibe especially in the way that it’s actually free-to-play and the best part is that Australia and New Zealand is getting into the beta first before anyone else so I’m going to go play it and then there’s going to be an interview afterwards so let’s check it out.

So I’m here at Pax Australia 2014 in Melbourne. I’m here in front of the Bethesda/Battlecry booth with Lucas – design director on Battlecry. So one of my… what I think is the most interesting aspect is the setting; where the world or the game takes place. Can you say something where the game world is and what’s happening?

Yeah, Absolutely. So Battlecry kind of takes place in an alternate timeline at the turn of 19th century kind of what we know as the World War 1 era, but in the this world World War 1 has happened hundreds of years ahead of time, gun powder’s been banned and, actually, war zones have been instituted where warriors come in and fight for their nations in these designated war zones. So it really kind of gives us an interesting opportunity to kind of explore some really cool nations and armies at an era when they had, like, their most characters, like, a lot of these traits that are known and famous, and like that “golden era” that we all know of. About the same time we get to kind of harken back to weapons from an even older era, that you know, we’ve updated through the world and technology. So we’ve got swords, but they’re transforming swords that, you know, mechanically transform into shields and you can throw out into the air and they come back to you. So they have a lot really cool, you know, unique attributes that are unique to Battlecry.

So let’s talk a little bit about the different classes you can be. As there is no gunpowder you have a lot of interesting weapons that don’t functions as you think that they would. Can you just go through the classes and just briefly say what their main role in the game is?

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, we have our enforcers, you know, our huge guy. He has a giant sword and, like, that’s what I was talking about transforms into that giant shield so he’s allowed to block incoming attacks and it gives him a lot of power to really, kind of, coordinating his team. He’s got a lot of abilities to help him coordinate that team, buff the team around him and then just take a lot of blows and hold the blows against his team.

We have our tech archer and she’s the first ranged class the we’ve really shown off. She can kind of get up on walls, she can take a lot of really good skill shots. A lot of her abilities really help her play a ‘cat and mouse game’. So she wants to keep those enemies at a distance and take the off there.

Then we have the duellist which is kind of all about foiling everything the enforcer does and everything that the tech archer does. So she’s really kind of a lone wolf character. She can stealth, she can surprise enemies, get behind enemy lines. A lot of her abilities are just that and she can use them to kind of pierce the enemy line, get behind them and really punish foes from behind and surprise them when they least expect it.

I believe, this is your first free to play game.


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