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Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Review! In this video Ryan reviews a rather interesting game, make sure to check it out!


Part One

Free to play is not a dirty word, in fact most of my favourite games of the past five years or so are free to play. When Mighty Quest For Epic Loot first entered steam early access, it was a type of free to play game where you’d find yourself paying real world currency to speed up countdown timers, sometimes as long as four hours. After taken back some feedback from the players the developers have adopted cosmetic upgrades as a main art has to be paid for, meaning that everyone is on a level playing field regardless how much money you put into it.

After spending a considerable amount of time with Might Quest For Epic Loot I strongly suggest people try it out, what do you have to lose if it’s free? So what is Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? The best way to describe it is an isometric dungeon or in this case castle crawler, that in it’s self is not exciting, but what if you were the one who was creating the castle and challenging your friends to run it faster than you? What if your friends were also create their own castles with carefully laid out traps and monsters to try and stop you looting? As you might expect the epic loot in your quest is actually the loot from other real world players. The game gets really exciting as you desperately try to loot as many castles as you can for the hard earned cash while also maintaining your castles defences. There are four classes in the game that have specific strengths and weaknesses, I chose the archer who uses range attacks to take out enemies before they get close, but there is also a knight that runs in and kills everything, a crowd controlling Mage and a fast and nimble runaway, this is where one of two non-cosmetic micro-payments appear, for a free player you can chose one of these characters and you’ll have to use blings which is a realworld premium currency to buy any other character. There isn’t really a story in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, in fact Ubisoft has stated the story of our game is the story of our players and I find that mostly true. There are a lot of warlord moments here like how you beat one of those tough boss characters or finally beat one of your friends castles. I thought it was really cool how you could view records of players going through your castle and see what parts of it that could be that little bit more menacing.

The game itself is incredibly vibrant and colourful which you don’t see in many dungeon crawlers. The colours highlight a lot of the humorous sides of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, with crazy characters and traps raining from squid tentacles and buckets to hamsters in spiked wheels of death. It’s a shame there aren’t any cut scenes in the game as if the trailers are anything to go by the game would of been incredibly funny. After any alteration to your castle you’ll need to validate it and set the times for others to beat and also show that it’s actually possible to defeat. I’ve had a tonne of fun deliberately placing dead ends in my castle to confuse my attackers and waste their time while watching them slowly make their way back to the castle entrance and go the correct way.

If that isn’t your style you could also make a castle and fill it to the brim with difficult monsters and cleverly placed traps, it’s completely up to you. Being a dungeon crawler there is a heavy emphasis on loot. Defeating enemies gives a random chance to drop loot on various levels of rarity. After looting the dungeon you’ll need to clear out you’re inventory and equip any loot that’s better than what you have currently have equipped. This will happen a lot, but there are some tough decision to make here, depending on how you want to play. Some items will give you increased damage but less armour. Some will give you better loot drops but no extra experience or any combination there of. For the loot crazy, your addiction will be satisfied.

Although Mighty Quest For Epic Loot may be free to play, it doesn’t that get in the way of being an awesome game to play, the game only gets better with the more friends you have playing it too. Anyone who is nostalgic for dungeon crawlers should defiantly give this a go, and remember a house is not a home until it can kill intruders in at least seven different ways simultaneously.

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