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Gunpoint Review

Watch Season One, Episode Thirteen of the Worldwide Gaming TV show here! This week we have our final episode of the season, we look at the top 10 pathetic heroes and villains and an interview with the developers from Batman: Arkham Origins. Part One


Super Time Force Review

Super Time   Part One Super time force is a side scroller shooter for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. They may make you reminisce on old school side scrollers however this game uses death as its primary mechanic. the active dying can be key to completing levels on super time force as using [Click here to see more…]

Valiant Hearts Thumb

Valiant Hearts Review

Valiant Hearts   Part One If I told you valiant hearts a great war was a game based on world war one, your first instinct would probably be to think it was a shooter, but with good reason, as you could probably count the number of games based on real life wars that aren’t shooters [Click here to see more…]


Wolfenstien The New Order Review

Wolfenstien The New Order   Part One There are not many developers the can say their game franchise has spanned over 30 years. During that time you can expect a few sub par Wolfenstein titles, but Wolfenstein the new order is not one of those. It blends its old-school roots with more modern game mechanics. [Click here to see more…]

Mighty Quest for epic loot thumb

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Review

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Review! In this video Ryan reviews a rather interesting game, make sure to check it out!   Part One Free to play is not a dirty word, in fact most of my favourite games of the past five years or so are free to play. When Mighty Quest For Epic [Click here to see more…]


Brothers Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review! Ryan goes in deep with an adventurous puzzle game, Brothers. Check it out!   Part One Starburrie’s Studioes is a typically one to release smaller titles onto the Xbox Live Vocay and playstation network and steam. As of previous stitles include shooters such as Darkness and Syndicate. Starburrie’s [Click here to see more…]

Titan Fall

Titanfall Review

Titanfall   Part One I’m really one to get swept up in the hype train of any game, I’ve never pre-ordered anything and I have never lined up at midnight to get a game or a console. Which makes it so odd that I got caught up in the build up to Titanfall. I haven’t [Click here to see more…]

South Park the Stick of Truth

South Park the Stick of Truth Review

South Park the Stick of Truth   Part One South Park’s game history isn’t the greatest, the games range from absolutely terrible to aggressively mediocre. So what’s so different about South Park the Stick of Truth? Well for starters it is the first game that looks like it could be an episode of the show, [Click here to see more…]

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