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Season 5 Outtakes

Worldwide Gaming TV Show – Season 5 Outtakes

Watch Season Five, Episode One of the Worldwide Gaming TV show here! The WWG Team having some fun


King of the Thrill Interview

King of the Thrill Part One Ryan So I’m here at TGS 2013 with Freida and Ylva. Um, what’s it like being in Tokyo? You guys are both from Sweden. Have you been before? Is it different? Ylva: This is my first time, but she lived here. Freida: Yeah I lived here for two years, [Click here to see more…]


Witcher 3 Interview

The Witcher 3 interview, Ryan interviews a developer of The Witcher 3, the wild hunt, and gives us some information about the game. Part One Ryan: Some of you know John Mamais from CD Project Red. How are you going? John Mamais: Doing great man. It’s great being here. Ryan: And we just saw the [Click here to see more…]


Battlefield: Hardline Interview

Battlefield Hardline Interview, Ryan interviews Ian, the director of battlefield Hardline, giving us a better viewing point on the development of the game. Part One Ryan: So I am here with Ian Kraim director of Battlefield Hardline, we just got out of the demo and what I find with the non-numbered battlefields is that they [Click here to see more…]


Turnover Interview

Turnover   Part One Host We’re here at Harbour Garden with Chad Toprak and we’re going to talk about Turnover. How are you Chad? Chad Good thanks. How are you? Host Not too bad. So Turnover, it looks really interesting I like that it’s got, first of all it’s got a really interesting design perspective [Click here to see more…]


The Order: 1886 Interview

The Order: 1886   Part One Vince: So I just had a go at The Order 1886 and what grabbed me the most were the graphics and the lack of HUD, like the HUD, nothing around the edges of the screen really gets me because it just feels so immersive. The first time this was [Click here to see more…]


Far Cry 4 Interview

Far Cry 4   Part One Ryan: So I’m here with Dan the executive producer of Far Cry 4. You’re actually the person who introduced Far Cry 4 to the world in the press conferences. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience? Dan: It was nerve racking as hell that’s what I [Click here to see more…]

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