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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review! Ryan goes in deep with an adventurous puzzle game, Brothers. Check it out!


Part One

Starburrie’s Studioes is a typically one to release smaller titles onto the Xbox Live Vocay and playstation network and steam. As of previous stitles include shooters such as Darkness and Syndicate. Starburrie’s first array into the market is Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. A charming adventure of, you guessed it, two brothers.
The game may represent itself as a fun little game with a game play gimmic but it quickly turns into a full on adventure with some rather dark turns. Whilest still utilizeing it’s excelent story controls.

The game starts out some time after after the death of the two son’s mother. While mourning at a grave stone, your father also becomes ill and needs medicine from a mysterious tree located far away, well that is all I could figure out. As most of the story requires you to piece it together yourself, because the characters in the game speak some kind of made up language.
After the short intro you are then thrown into the game to experience it’s most interesting mechanic.

In Brothers you control both characters at the same time, on the same controler. This is done by using the left control stick to control the older brother with left trigger fuse reactions, and the right control stick for the younger brother with right trigger fuse reactions. If it sounds confusing it can be at times, and unfortunantly the game isn’t long enough for you to fully wrap your head around it. Although luckily the game never really commands that you be precise with the movement so it’s not really an issue.

Each brother also has their own distinct personality. The younger brother is more carefree and playful, while the older one is more serious and straight to the point. This plays well while interacting with NPC throughout the game. Talking to someone with the little brother may show a small cut scene of them playing around, but talking to them with the older brother will quickly show you the directions of where you need to go.

Brothers, at heart is a puzzle game, and there are many times when you need to use both brothers in the correct manner to progress through the story. Further to their personalities, the brothers also possess different physical strengths and weaknesses. The older brother is stronger, so he can lift heavy objects, such as widges. Whereas the younger brother can fit into tight spaces. These puzzles where you need to work together are a definite highlight in the game.

The game presents itself in a very vibrant and colourful cartoony style of graphics. But appart from the fact that your father is ill. The game seems mostly like a fun journey between two brothers. Not far into the three or four hour story though, things quickly take a turn towards a more disturbing and dark path, which is quite unexpected.

After getting used to the control scheme, Brothers will present you with a excelent tale with great puzzles and a great story throughout the time it takes to complete. It may not set the gaming world alight, but when people think about the year 2013 in gaming, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons should definitely be mentioned.

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