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Battlefield Hardline Interview, Ryan interviews Ian, the director of battlefield Hardline, giving us a better viewing point on the development of the game.

Part One

Ryan: So I am here with Ian Kraim director of Battlefield Hardline, we just got out of the demo and what I find with the non-numbered battlefields is that they always seem to have the most changes and new kind of modes and stuff like that can you tell us a bit about like what’s new in hardline?

Ian: Well our idea here is twofold, its to do all kinds of new stuff that would be good for battlefield in general like stuff that we loved that we thought would just be great no matter what the fiction and no matter what the setting and that’s were stuff like the zip line came from and the grappling hook but then on top of it we were all like lets make a cool cops and robbers games and what are all the things I want to do as a cop or a robber like I want to taser somebody I want to interrogate them I want to rob banks I want to use a baseball bat right? So there’s a bunch of new stuff on both sides and we’ll have way more new game modes that battlefield has ever had before were going to have way more factions that battlefield has ever had before and bring in a lot of new stuff into it.

Ryan: so the cops and robbers kind of thing obviously you cant just have a copy and paste another battlefield map you will have to design it for this kind of game mode and if you do what kind of things are you looking for in the game on the map?

Ian: Oh absolutely all of the maps here are all completely from scratch and were going to have a whole lot more game modes from ever before developing all different kinds so the game modes are really designed to deliver a lot of different experiences and that’s what’s one of the things that’s so awesome about battlefield is the tool set and things you can do are so broad and so deep you can make a bunch of different experiences for the guy that really is like the twitch guy and nail it like super pixel fast and is a super shooter that’s fine, if your a guy that’s more like a vehicle pilot or a driver who can help people that way that is also fine or a support guy. See your always trying with the game modes and the maps together to encourage and allow for all different kinds of game play so developed appalling concept were constantly making new maps and then throwing them out and then make a new mode, we have tried dozens of both that only the best ones going to make into the shipping product so the one that we’re showing right now high tension is all about 10 away from like the basements to the tops of buildings we’re showing a heist and blood money as our two feature modes right now but we got a bunch of other stuff coming though.

Ryan: So what can you tell us about some of the vehicles and weapons we can use cause I remember in the demo I just came out of I was driving a cop car and it was kinda funny in a battlefield game cause with the sirens going off.

Ian: Well you want to use the sirens its a cop thing

Ryan: Yeah

Ian: cause you want to go whoop whoop with the sirens right

Ryan: *laughs*

Ian: The whole idea of battlefield is that it wouldn’t be battlefield without the vehicles?

Ryan: Yeah

Ian: And were going to have a lot of the vehicles that the people styled the people pick up what they think of battlefield they think of something like heavy moving guns on it. Okay fine we’re going to do something like that but on top of that you really want to provide innovation and find some cool stuff so our vehicles are quite a bit faster, you can team up in them a lot faster so like when you get a passenger in your cop car not only can that passenger shoot out the front window and out the side window they can sit out on the windowsill and shoot in a full 360 degrees that’s pretty cool and when you get three guys in the car all sitting on the windowsills holding heavy machine-guns or with some stun guns or with any other guns that we already have it leads to some pretty exciting vehicle game play.

Ryan: Though it still has a lot of their DNA of the battlefield of where you know you want to be working as a squad and you’ll always gotta be you know having a lot of fun all the time pretty much

Ian: Well you can just put battlefield on the box and you don’t do that lightly so its important I think that we understand and deliver all the things that makes battlefield great so that is the team play that is the tactics all the squad stuff working together to really succeed. The big man’s, the different player counts up to 64 the weapons the gadgets the whole deal cause we would do anything for people to not be like okay you had your like bank robbery game and then you just put battlefield on it and sold a bunch of copies so we’re really making sure to really nail the battlefield in this and then still which isn’t a word I just made it up but you get what I mean. The whole and then delivering that and on top of that delivering a bunch of innovation too.

Ryan: So thanks for talking to us so could you quickly say when and where we can find battlefield?

Ian: Battlefield Hardline is going to be out this October and its going to be on the PC and we’re going to throw all the kinda stuff we can at your PC’s so I hope its ready, its also going to be on the PS4 and of course its going to be on the Xbox one and the ps3 and 360.

Ryan: alright you better upgrade those graphics cards and thanks for talking to me.

Ian: Ah, yes. Thank you.

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